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There are always unique challenges in building Enterprise products. ProductGuy.in is my window to share actionable insights about building Enterprise products embracing those unique challenges. My insights are born out of the hard way of building products, failing and raising again. My blog posts are the reflection of my beliefs and they are instances of how I build, evolve and manage products in the real world.

I hardly believe in blindly adopting MVP, Agile or any other standard practices. I always try to identify the fit between the products and its development methodologies. Doing so, I have experimented with new approaches or frameworks for building products. Once, we combined Agile + Waterfall as a development methodology. Even with MVP, I have been insisting that it might not be entirely possible to build enterprise products in a cycle of build, measure and learn. While doing things to keep continuously selling the product in short-term, I also constantly focus on contemplating a big picture view of the world that does not exist yet to identify newer opportunities at the intersection of emerging technologies, emerging business challenges, and emerging markets. Keep visiting the blog for more such unique insights.

Some of the blog series related to “Building Enterprise Products’ and ‘Translating Product Strategy into Product Roadmaps’ are consolidated into eBooks. I sincerely hope, insights in this blog guide you build better enterprise products. If you want me to write about any specific topics, please do drop your thoughts under comments or reach me at murali.erraguntala@gmail.com.

I learned a great deal of technology and product from my Engineering team. Treat them as your partners to get hindsight into latest technologies, what technologies could emerge successfully and how they could possibly change the industry landscape by addressing customer challenges through newer outcomes.

Thanks for reaching my blog.  I always appreciate any feedback, nothing is more gratifying than simple email exchanging thoughts or even criticism  🙂

About Me

I am always in search of excellence, attempting to perfect my art of building products as a continuous journey. I have a very simple goal, when I look back at my career I should be proud of the products that I have built. I had the privilege of conceptualizing and building new products working with amazing talent. Most of them have contributed a lot in shaping my Product Management career by helping me gain better insights about product, industry, customers, and technology.

I mostly prefer to confine to my own space for channelizing energy and getting work done. While I am mostly misunderstood for speaking very little, I do enjoy conversations on some finite topics like food, farming, road trips, technology, new ideas, new ventures, etc.

Outside of work and blogging, I take immense pleasure in long distance driving. Road trips are extremely rejuvenating.

Learn more about me and my professional career at LinkedIn or reach me at muralie@productguy.in.

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