Has Android changed the dynamics of smartphone market

According to me, there are two tipping points in the smartphone market. The first tipping point is the arrival of the iPhone and the second tipping point is the arrival of Android with the potential to change the dynamics of the smartphone market.

  1. Firstly the iPhone has changed the perspective of user experience in smartphones. Secondly, it has paved the way for the evolution of apps eco-system. Apple has set a benchmark concerning apps that success of any future smartphone OS lingers in its ability to create an apps eco-system successfully.
  2. Android is a force to reckon with in smartphone market that would otherwise be poised to be dominated by iPhone. Android has given a new lease of life for all the handset manufacturers to revive their smartphones portfolio and thereby entirely altering the competitive landscape of the smartphone market. Most of the smartphone manufacturers like HTC, Motorola have increased their market share in the smartphone market after the introduction of Android phones.

How Android can change the dynamics of the smartphone market

Considering Android OS is free and Smartphone market being on an exponential growth trajectory, most of the companies that do not have any experience in the mobile market are launching smartphones. The list includes Huawei, Dell, Mindtree and it will keep growing irrespective of the success of the earlier mentioned companies. Everyone wants to have a share of the larger pie to quench their growth requirements. Leaving aside the discussion regarding the ability of those firms to succeed in crowded markets, I can assert that Android is on the path to making the smartphones a mass market product by facilitating flurry of companies enter the smartphone market. Had it not been for Android, how anyone would justify the entry of so many players in the smartphone market. As always, Google has been a game changer in every segment it enters. As a next wave, I feel that the day might not be far off where I can buy my smartphone hardware and load OS of my choice.

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