How to become a better Product Manager?

I often notice lots of questions about what are the resource to become a better Product Manager.

Honestly none.

Books, blog articles, video, online courses, MBA degree etc. will provide you a better head start into Product Management by equipping you with necessary tools, frameworks to perform the role well (i would not say better)

To get better at something, you need to face the real world, experience the scars and wounds, you need to fall and rise again.

Do performing the role make you get better?

Probably not, doing a job linearly without much introspection and improvements does not make you better. Any task should trigger a cyclic activity. A task that you perform (pricing or GTM or roadmapping or strategy) should let you consciously introspect on what methodologies or frameworks did you follow and how were the results. The results of candid introspection should highlight the gaps in your approach, help you improvise and should eventually push you a step closer to excellence.

Along the path, as you get better at your role, start questioning the status quo. Never blindly follow any methodology, start experimenting and draft your own frameworks (frameworks are more like a checklist) to get even better at what you do. You would have probably done a fantastic pricing exercise, only wonder how did you do it a little later? We do not think alike always. It is at least true with me, so I draft frameworks for such specific tasks that I do in my job and keep revisiting them again while continuously improving it.

Final thoughts

You need to experience a PM role to get better. Most importantly learn, introspect and improvise to get better at what you do. There is no other magic to become a better Product Manager and let us face it.


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