Building New Product – Experiences of a Product Manager (free eBook)

I am glad to end 2016 with  completion of 3rd edition of my eBook – ‘Building New Product – Experiences of a Product Manager’. I released 1st edition of the eBook towards end of 2014. Ever since, I did a critical review of my work to check whether i had provided enough information in my eBook, accordingly evolved it into 3rd edition. I did so, by holistically reflecting on my experiences of building the new product not just by introspecting what i did better but also being critical about where did i go wrong and what i could have done better. I leveraged those insights to provide more actionable information on how to build great product that is:

  • Built on a foundation of strong product vision that ultimately defines the purpose and objective (WHY?) behind the new product.
  • Built in alignment with real needs of real customers and as desired by those real customers.
  • Built not just for needs of today but for needs of tomorrow.
  • Built with all essential attributes that drive customer preferences towards the new product.
  • Built with focus on doing one thing (that drives customer preference) awesomely right instead of doing everything right.
  • Built with basic premise of think bold, think future unconstrained by any limitations.

I really appreciate if you could take a look and drop your thoughts or comments.

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