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Few years after occasional blogging, I had the desire to start consolidating my thoughts, experiences and learning into eBooks. Honestly, I am not a proficient writer and I have not become one ever after drafting three eBooks. I started with an intention to push my limits, it is hard to imagine how far could one stretch unless they push themselves hard. The purpose was also to assimilate my thoughts and learning. Please note that lots of thought and preparation have gone into drafting those eBooks. My only ask is to share your feedback at murali.erraguntala@gmail.com or @emurali. Your feedback means a lot to me to further improvise the content. The eBooks are freely available for download, click on the links below for the pages of respective eBooks.

I sincerely wish to draft a complete eBook on ‘360° of Product Management’.

Building Enterprise Products

I did launch a product in CY2014. I managed the product right from conceptualization to launch. So there was never a better topic than to describe my experiences of building a new product. The eBook has already gone through few revisions and efforts to provide better frameworks for building an enterprise for non-deterministic future (i.e. customers’ needs and problems are moving targets) is still eluding. If you have any thoughts, please do not hesitate to reach me.
Building Enterprise Products – Moving Targets of Customers’ Needs





Translating Product Strategy into Product Roadmaps

The real work of a Product Manager starts with the launch of a new product. Product Manager has to scramble with lots of uncertainties in evolving the product. There is a necessity to understand the overall purpose of the product, the objectives of the organization, evolving technology trends and changing market dynamics. Product Manager should grasp those nuances to formulate the direction of the product both short-term and long-term defining an appropriate product strategy. The eBook focus on translating the product strategy into action through product roadmaps.

Translating Product Strategy into Product Roadmap






Comprehending Customer Buying Process

It is essential for us to understand why and how customers are purchasing the product. What goes into their thought process while making a buying decision. It is the responsibility of Product Managers to understand whether customers are buying the product for the same reasons as they think. Accordingly, feed the information to appropriately evolve the product, so customers keep asking for more.

This eBook focus on understanding the psyche of the customer while they make a buying decision as they traverse through various levels of the buying stages. In each of those level, the eBook attempts to comprehend what makes the customer move to the next stage or quit the buying process.

Comprehending Customer Buying Process




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