How to be a self-taught Product Manager

Firstly, I firmly believe anyone could obviously become a self-taught Product Manager. However, the desire should be backed by strong passion, perseverance to learn/imbibe new skills and finally to succeed as a Product Manager. Both my current and previous managers are excellent Product Managers and they are self-taught without any certifications/MBA degree unlike me. But requires lots of effort. An MBA with 1 or 2-year degree gives you the undivided attention space to master yourself on various subject albeit though theoretically. However, things do not remain same while you actually start implementing those models/frameworks learned during MBA days

I did find this resource really exhaustive: I love Product Management • Attack with Numbers It is a goldmine of information related to Product Management. In addition, recently roadmunk.com has consolidated a list of top 50 product management blogs you should be reading. Find more such content in the resources section

As you go through those blogs to start grasping the nuances of Product Management, start identifying someone who can mentor you and streamline your efforts to become an effective Product Manager. As you start learning more about Product Management, start wearing the hat and determine what decisions you would have taken and why. Expand your knowledge about your domain/market that you target to focus, get hindsight of players/products. What those players/product does, which segment they focus. If you are managing a product in that space, start figuring out what would you do differently and why. Most importantly be aware of what kind of technology advancements are happening and how it could impact both the product and its associated companies.

Product Management is an extensive field spread across pricing, roadmaping, strategy, market research, competitive analysis etc. But I feel the primary quality for a Product Manager is to be inquisitive, start asking WHY? for everything that you get to do in your role as an engineer. When you start working on any feature, ask why it is important, how it helps in moving the needle towards the desired business goals, how it helps customers etc. Basically be curious and never shy away from asking WHY?

Product Management is more of an art than science. While it is good to observe practitioners around you and learn from mentors, just don’t blindly ape them. Have your own thought process. Be ready to experiment with new modes of prioritization, new modes of discovering customer needs, new modes of validating products, fail (early and quickly) and learn.

Learning Product Management is just a start, the next big hurdle is to break into Product Management by securing a job. In the next blog, I will focus on how to get a PM job (based on my experience). The other aspect that I did not focus on this blog is that if the art of Product Management could be self-taught, how does an MBA could make a difference to PM career. How similar advantage could be obtained without an MBA for others who are at a serious disadvantage at not to pursue an MBA. I want to conclude this blog post with an excellent quote from the Ratatouille movie

“Not everyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere.”

The above quote is true for any profession including Product Management.

Good luck with your journey

Appreciate your thoughts or opinions

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