Innovations – Keep it Simple

I was recently referring through an innovation link ‘Meet India’s most innovative young minds’. I am really in awe of all those young minds and their innovative thoughts. Out of all those innovations, the following 2 caught my attention.
Change of color in medicine pack to indicate expiry
Stapler that indicate pins are finishing

With due credit to rest of the innovations, those two innovations has been exceptionally simple that really impact wider audience in their day-to-day lives. Further those two innovations are quite obvious yet most of us would not have thought of it. So innovations need not essentially be about solving complex problems using complicated technology, it can be as simple and obvious as indicated above.

In line with our discussions, just wanted to quote Druker – “An innovation, to be effective, has to be simple and it has to be focused. It should do only one thing; otherwise, it confuses. If it is not simple, it won’t work. All effective innovations are breathtakingly simple.  Indeed, the greatest praise an innovation can receive is for people to say, this is obvious. Why didn’t I think of it?”

If innovations can be simple and obvious, what stops us (at least majority of us) from innovating? I can only state that we lack the discipline to question the status quo. We encounter lots of problems in our day-to-day life but we endure them as our tolerance level is so high or whine about them or neglect. Instead we need to have the discipline to consistently search for solutions rather than enduring or whining at our problems. Such quest should open gateways for lots of innovations.
Hmmm… undeniably inculcating such discipline is not as easy as writing a blog.

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