Preparing Product Roadmap

Effective prioritization requirements is one the key characteristics that differentiates a good Product Manager from a bad Product Manager. This eBooks emphasizes on preparing product roadmap on the foundation of product vision that should succinctly describes what the products stands for, why it exists and what is its purpose (both from the perspective of customers and organization).

This eBook talks about the following topics of product roadmap:

  • Discover needs
  • Convert needs into requirements
  • Draft  requirements into PRD (Product Requirements Document)
  • Categorize requirements into tactical, strategic, and disruptor
  • Identify percentage split for each of those categories
  • Socialize requirements with engineering team,
  • Derive metrics for prioritization of requirements using scorecard methodology and
  • Ruthlessly prioritize requirements balancing both short term and long term objectives in alignment with the product strategy.

In addition, the eBook also elaborates methodologies to evaluate the efficacy of product roadmap to reinforce the feedback back into prioritization process for effective and efficient prioritization of product requirements. Another critical that is covered by this eBook is to elaborate how product roadmap can play a vital role while product is undergoing a cusp of major technological changes as older technology reaches inflection point.

The eBook could be directly downloaded from SlideShare