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I have presented a list of books that I have read and found it extremely useful for performing Product Manager role. Please be aware that the list is not exhaustive, there are lots of other good books that I have not read yet. If you think there are any other good books that I had missed, please drop it in the comments section.

Product Management Fundamentals

To start with Product Management – To understand the entire basics of Product Management, please read the following 3 books. I believe it covers the fundamentals pretty well. I might be biased in my recommendation of books (purely from the perspective of Product Management of technology products)

Linda Gorchels - The Product Managers Handbook     Product Strategy for High Technology Companies     The Product Managers Desk Reference


Business Models 

After going through basic of Product Management, focus on the following books to learn more about business models that will elaborate on possible monetization methodologies.

Henry Chesbrough - Open Innovation     Business Model Generation


Product Strategy and Innovation

To know more about Product Strategy/Innovation, I would suggest reading the following books. Those books provide an overview of how to manage products over its lifetime. While Geoffrey A. Moore focuses more on the initial product life cycles and elaborates what needs to be done to successfully cross the chasm for wide acceptability of the product, Clayton M. Christensen and Andrew S. Grove talk about how to beat the inflection point by identifying potential disruptors.

The Innovators Solution     The Innovators Dilemma     Geoffrey A. Moore - Crossing the Chasm     Andrew S. Grove - Only the Paranoid Survive


Design Thinking

Following books help on design thinking. Building products as desired by our customers.

Tony Buzan - How to Mind Map     Dan Roam - The Back of the Napkin    Don Norman - The Design of Everyday Things     Tim Brown - Change by Design    Tom Kelley - The Art of Innovation


Building Organizations

As you evolve into higher roles of Product Management, we slowly need to start thinking beyond the product and start focusing on how the organization has to be structured to build successful products. This books will definitely be handy

Jim Collins - Good to Great     Peter M. Senge - The Fifth Discipline


Human Behavior

Even though I am not reading too many of those books. I am a big fan of books related to behavioral economics. I am always fascinated by human behavior, the below books dissect the behavior of human beings and add rationality to their irrational behavior. The below provides interesting insights on why customers behave how they behave or rather what can influence their behavior.

     Malcolm Gladwell - The Tipping Point      Malcolm Gladwell - Blink       Freakonomics       Daniel Kahneman - Thinking Fast and Slow



For building great startups, following books by Peter Thiel and Ben Horowitz is of tremendous use

Peter Thiel - Zero to One   Ben Horowitz - The Hard Thing About Hard Things



Product Managers cannot be alien to selling. Indeed all of us is a salesman in some form. The book by Daniel H. Pink has caught my attention

Daniel H. Ping - To Sell Is Human

Finally, don’t miss to read the books that I authored, available in eBooks section 🙂




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