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As a Product Manager, we always seek answers for what products to build, for whom to build, how to build, when to build and why to build. The quest to answers start with asking right question and using the right frameworks.

This course ‘Product Roadmap 101 – Translating Product Strategy into Product Roadmap’ is not an attempt to provide answers but an attempt to ask the right questions and aid with right frameworks. This is the course for you if are seeking answers for the following questions:

  • Why it is essential to building a Product Roadmap on a foundation of Product Vision, and Product Strategy?
  • How to accomplish product discovery, why Product Manager should engage in the discovery of both market and customer needs
  • What is the product prioritization – Why it is essential to prioritize features based on customer value instead of product objectives (Revenues, customer acquisition, etc.)?
  • What is the relationship between customer value and product objectives?
  • How do we translate product OKRs into corresponding customer value?
  • What is the inflection point and how shall we beat it?
  • At every inflection point, how do use Roadmap as a strategic tool to conceptualize, validate and increase adoption of new outcomes?
  • How to measure the efficacy of the product roadmap?
  • Finally, how to say NO to customers and still make them happy 🙂

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